Mel Brooks Makes A Blunt Joke About Self-Isolation Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak

Mel Brooks Makes A Blunt Joke About Self-Isolation Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak

Mel Brooks wants to remind you that when you’re dismissive about the elderly during the coronavirus outbreak, you’re talking about him — and all his friends.

So Brooks teamed up with his son Max and a sliding glass door to create a PSA that’s not only funny and helpful but also puts things in stark perspective.

Max Brooks begins the PSA by saying he’s 47 years old and that his father — who created comedy classics like “Blazing Saddles,” “Young Frankenstein” and “History of the World, Part 1” — is 93.

As the two stand on either side of a sliding glass door to keep the filmmaker safe, the younger Brooks gets to the point of their message.

“If I get coronavirus, I’ll probably be OK,” he says. “But if I give it to [my dad], he could give it to Carl Reiner, who can give it to Dick Van Dyke, and before I know it, I’ve wiped out a whole generation of comedic legends.”

The PSA offers sound advice about what everyone can do to help prevent the spread of the virus — such as washing your hands and practicing social distancing. Meanwhile, Mel Brooks makes goofy facial expressions behind the glass door and eventually shoos his son away.

Brooks isn’t the only celebrity to speak out against flippant responses to the current crisis.

“Lizzie McGuire” and “Younger” star Hilary Duff posted a video on social media Sunday telling “millennial assholes” to “stop killing old people” by “going out and partying.” Taylor Swift, on the other hand, took a gentler approach in a plea to her fans.

“Guys – I follow you online and I love you guys so much and need to express my concern that things aren’t being taken seriously enough right now,” she said on her Instagram stories.

“I’m seeing lots of get togethers and hangs and parties still happening. This is the time to cancel plans,” Swift wrote, adding, “Don’t assume that because you don’t feel sick that you aren’t possibly passing something on to someone elderly or vulnerable to this.”

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