A Running List Of Times Kamala Harris Wore Converse

A Running List Of Times Kamala Harris Wore Converse

It’s not the title she’s running for but it’s the title she’s got: Kamala Harris, Converse queen.

The California senator and Democratic vice presidential candidate knocked our collective socks (and sneakers) off in Milwaukee earlier this week not only because she wore a pair of Chuck Taylors on the campaign trail, but because of her epic de-planing while wearing them:

Actor Elizabeth Banks summed it up pretty nicely in a comment on the post, declaring, “I’m never wearing heels again.”

“I run through airports in my Converse sneakers,” she said. “I have a whole collection of Chuck Taylors: a black leather pair, a white pair, I have the kind that don’t lace, the kind that do lace, the kind I wear in the hot weather, the kind I wear in the cold weather, and the platform kind for when I’m wearing a pantsuit.”

Harris has run around the country, danced in Iowa, attended Pride parades and walked the red carpet in Chucks as a politician, much of it during her own short-lived presidential bid last year. If the Milwaukee trip was any indication, we’re going to see plenty more as she campaigns as Joe Biden’s running mate. Perhaps we’ll even get a personalized moment, like the one Karine Jean-Pierre, a senior adviser to the Biden/Harris campaign, shared on Instagram this week:

Below, 10 photos of Harris rocking Chuck Taylors all over the U.S.

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